Comparison of sales of Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox, SEGA and Atari consoles


Who has the best selling consoles of all time? That would be Nintendo, which has shipped over 800.7 million handhelds and consoles since the global games market relaunched in 1983.


In the 1980s and 1990s, the console war defined a whole generation of consumer products. The classic SEGA vs Nintendo battle evolved once Sony jumped into the ring in 1994, and the PlayStation brand (along with bad decisions on the part of SEGA) ultimately pushed Blue Blur’s parent out of the console market.

Then Microsoft emerged in 2001 and started the three-way competition we see today between Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo. It’s been like that ever since. So how much hardware has each console maker sold?

Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox, SEGA and Atari console sales confrontation 543 |
Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox, SEGA and Atari 542 console sales confrontation |

The answer is a bit tricky because the sales data is not always perfect (Microsoft no longer reports console sales, so their numbers are estimates).

Nintendo and Sony have both delivered consistent and reliable sales figures, and based on those numbers Nintendo is firmly in the lead.

Nintendo sold 800.7 million hardware from 1983 to today, surpassing the 564 million total PlayStation sales of over 236 million. Of course, Nintendo has been in the market 11 years longer than Sony.

  • Nintendo console sales – 800.7 million (1983 – Present)
  • PlayStation console sales – 564 million (1994 – Present)
  • Microsoft Console Sales – 165.5 million (2001 – Present)
  • Sales of SEGA consoles – 63.16 million (1988 – 2001)
  • Sales of Atari consoles – 32 million (1977 – 1992)

Special thanks to Céline from ResetERA for inspiring me to collect the data and make this graph.

Sources: Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft and data collected on Wikipedia.


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