Hand-drawn Metroidvania title Aeterna Noctis releases in December on Switch


The Nintendo Switch has become a massive hub for Metroidvania games, and the latest project from Aeternum Game Studios SL (supported by PlayStation Spain) joins the lineup. Below, you can check out the detailed trailer for the studio’s upcoming title, Aeterna Noctis, which will be released this winter.

Aeterna Noctis will be a tough Metroidvania title with plenty of intense combat to master and skill-based platforming sections to go through. Playing the role of the “King of Darkness”, the player must help the royal warrior regain his power in 16 different and connected areas. Aeterna Noctis is expected to feature over 100 enemies, challenging puzzles, and an epic journey told through environmental storytelling.

Aeterna Noctis will be released on Nintendo Switch on Wednesday, December 15. When more information on the new title goes around the independent developer and publisher Aeternum Game Studios SL, we will be sure to keep you informed!

Written by Marc Kaliroff

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Marc Kaliroff

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