How to set up a Nintendo 3DS emulator on Android


With Citra Emulator, we can enjoy our favorite Nintendo 3DS games on cellphones.

A few years ago we had a console at home so we could enjoy our favorite games, but now with the electricity and efficiency that our smartphone gives us, now we can love it anywhere.

In this sense, we have a large catalog of online games at mobile software retailers such as app retail store and Google Enjoy retailer, but in addition, we also have the ability to emulate them. Most iconic game titles on consoles such as Nintendo 3DS or Playstation. 2.

This time, we will clarify, step by step, how to install an Android emulator for a person of the richest Nintendo consoles in heritage, the Nintendo 3DS.

There are a few selections for liking a Nintendo 3DS emulator on our terminal, but the most loved by the vast majority of people who use this variety of software is the Citra emulator.

Citra Emulator is the ideal Nintendo 3DS emulator for Android

Subsequently, we will explain what options our mobile must have to use the Citra emulator, how to get and install this application on your mobile and which online games are compatible with this Nintendo 3DS emulator for Android.

What qualities must our terminal be equipped with to use Citra Emulator?

One crucial thing that you should know before encouraging yourself to set up Citra emulator on your Android phone is the minimum program demand for this software to do the job.

Console emulators on Android: 3rd generation

As a result, the features that our smartphone should have in order for this Nintendo 3DS emulator to work properly are as follows:

  • Android 8 Oreo or higher.
  • Support for OpenGL 3.2.
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 or better processor.

How to download and install Citra Emulator for Android

The steps that we will have to follow to download and install Citra Emulator on our Android smartphone are as follows:

  • We downloaded the Citra Emulator app from Google Join Store.
  • As soon as it is downloaded, we open the application in our terminal.
  • We will get a review that we have to accept, which tells us that this software does not consist of Nintendo 3DS game titles and that we must have downloaded them to the mobile in order to be able to purchase them.
  • A window will appear in which we just need to click on Allow for the app to access the files on our device.
  • We choose the folder on our cell phone in which we saved the Nintendo 3DS video game ROMs.
  • Just click on the option that appears at the bottom of the app titled Choose This Directory.
  • We decide what activity we want to do from all the types we have on our checklist by clicking on it.
  • We are waiting for you to load the game and enjoy it!

How to install a Nintendo 3DS emulator on Android

What games does Citra emulator for Android help?

Like any online video sports emulator the first thing we will need is to have the ROMs of the online games we want to run and in the Citra Emulator scenario we have to keep in mind that this software is suitable with .CCIs, .CXI ,. 3DS and .3DSX formats, but not in .CIA format.

The online game catalog suitable for this application is quite comprehensive and the percentage of Nintendo 3DS titles that work perfectly or almost completely is very high, more precisely around 50%.

No, you cannot enjoy PS4 or PS3 by downloading an emulator from Google Engage in

Anyway, if you want to know if a separate game on this console can run on the Citra Emulator, just check out their full checklist of supported video games.

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