Marvel XCOM game reportedly features original superheroes


The upcoming Marvel-themed strategy game will focus on supernatural enemies and feature a character creation system for custom heroes.

A new rumor suggests that Firaxis Games’ Marvel-themed strategy project will allow players to create their own superheroes … and may not feature any licensed characters.

According to journalist Jeff Grubb on a Giant bomb live, the “Marvel XCOM“The game will implement a character creation system and is technically classified as an“ original property. ”This specification is due to the fact that the game does not use any existing Marvel characters.

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“The reason why it might still be [considered] a new property, although it’s a Marvel thing, is that … it’s not going to take over any existing franchise in the [Marvel Cinematic Universe], it won’t even be existing characters, “Grubb says.” So there won’t be any existing MCU characters, but it should take place in the larger universe. “

“I think the character you play will be a customizable superhero, or at least the team could be customizable, so it’s always going to have XCOM that way, but that’s why it’s not going to happen in any existing franchise lineage, ”Grubb explained.

As with all rumors, it’s worth taking it all with a pinch of salt. While the game doesn’t feature any characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Grubb’s wording leaves the door open for characters who haven’t yet been adapted for the big screen.

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Grubb goes on to say that Firaxis Games’ latest project will focus on the supernatural elements of the Marvel Universe. “I don’t know if that necessarily means like Blade, but I think there will be vampires in it, and I don’t know if that means Marvel Mystic. [characters]… But I think you might see enemies like this as you fight, ”Grubb said.

Despite all the rumors circulating around the “Marvel XCOMdeveloper Firaxis Games and publisher 2K Games have yet to announce the project. Its existence was revealed by an insider leak citing a source close to the development team, later corroborated by Jason Schreier. , a famous video game journalist.

Firaxis Games is widely known for developing the Civilization series but successfully restarted the XCOM franchisee in 2012 with XCOM: Enemy unknown. He subsequently released two more games in the modern franchise, including XCOM 2 in 2016 and XCOM: Chimera Squad in 2020.

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Source: Giant bomb, Going through VGC

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