Switch Headphone Jack Cover simulates Game Boy cartridges


A custom headphone jack cover created for the Nintendo Switch mimics the appearance of a Game Boy cartridge protruding from the console.

A Nintendo Switch The user recently uploaded photos of their custom headphone jack cover, which mimics the appearance of a Game Boy cartridge inserted into the system. The original Game Boy was released in 1989 but is still a beloved console to this day, as shown by recent creations like the Game Boy operator who transfers cartridges to PC.

Nintendo’s line of handheld consoles ditched the larger Game Boy cartridges for a shorter alternative when the Game Boy Advance was released in 2001. The 2005 version of the Nintendo DS followed suit with its game packages. even smaller and thinner, before the Switch was able to put even bigger games with sharper graphics into even smaller cartridges (or, with downloadable games, no cartridges at all). While the new material is much more convenient in size and space, one Reddit user presented a creative way to combine the old with the new.

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Reddit user sakisbig25 (via Nintendo’s life) created a custom Nintendo Switch accessory that not only prevents dust from entering the console’s headphone jack, but also models the look of a classic Game Boy cartridge inserted into its console. The cover perfectly covers the game cartridge port of the Nintendo Switch, giving the impression that it was directly inserted into the system. For realism, sakisbig25 explained that users of the headphone jack cover can also print game cover stickers to apply to the cartridge, just like the typical appearance of a Game Boy cartridge.

Headphone jack cover for Switch in the shape of a Game Boy cartridge

The creator not only posted photos of their design, but also posted a link to the 3D model to download and 3D print for everyone, much like the 3D printable wolf head for WitcherCon last July. However, one commentator stated that the creation “that looks really cool” but also warned others that its insertable part might break inside the headphone jack. However, other Reddit users have provided links to special tools designed specifically to fix the issue if it occurs.

It seems that no matter how many advancements in gaming hardware, many people still have a soft spot for the technology that came before them. Real cartridges are hard to come by, however, in large part due to the distribution of vintage Nintendo game ROMs. While the device only performs the minor function of keeping dust out of the headphone jack, the idea could still be a good addition to the Nintendo Switch‘s range of third-party hardware.

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