The PS Vita received its latest new games today


The PS Vita received its last and final batch of game releases today, July 20, 2021, as Sony closed new submissions for the nearly ten-year-old handheld console earlier this month. A total of six games have been targeted for release in the store today, which Sony says will continue to operate for the foreseeable future. Previously, Sony had planned to close the PS Vita store on August 27, 2021, but the decision was later revoked after widespread fan outcry.

Two new Vita games confirmed in this latest batch of releases are Russian subway dogs and Ultra-Mission. Russian subway dogs, an arcade game inspired by the stray dogs of the Moscow Metro, originally released for PC in 2018 and will also make its way to the PS4 at a later date. The game allows players to control various dogs as they make their way through the subway, collecting bonuses in the form of treats. Originally created Spooky Squid Games developer Russian subway dogs as part of the GDC Pirate Kart game jam. You can check out the official launch trailer below:


The second is a game called Ultra-Mission, a top-down shooter that takes inspiration from old arcade classics like Robotron: 2084. While there isn’t much in the way of graphics, the game has a good price tag of $ 2.99 and an infinite play loop that could make it a good game to sit back and relax on.


According to the Twitter account @TweetVitaReview, four other games were also added to the PS Vita store today: United brotherhood, Killer Dolls United, Witchcraft, and Mind Maze. These titles are currently available on the EU PSN and may not be available in other regions. These six games mark the latest new PlayStation Vita games.

While Sony has said it will continue to operate the PS Vita store, many have criticized the way the company handled the announcement of the store’s initial closure. According to reports from several developers, many games originally slated for release for the PS Vita have been canceled after Sony failed to notify them of the decision.

Even after the decision was revoked, Sony told developers they had until July 12 to submit games, along with fixes for existing versions. Unfortunately, this also means that July 20 will also mark the last day that existing PS Vita games can receive updates.

Are you planning to buy one of the latest Vita games to be released?

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