The Sims: 5 Great Games Fans Forgot


With over 20 years of life simulation games, it’s easy to forget some of the great side games based on the history of The Sims franchise.

While Maxis has not yet announced The sims 5, there are a lot of older games in the franchise than the boring ones The sims 4 can check. Although the series is best known for its creation and customization of driving simulators, The sims has released a variety of console and PC spinoff games that put story-based twists on the formula and characters.

Over the years, these derivative efforts have been largely overlooked and forgotten by many modern Simmers. But although all The simsThe spinoffs were great, some included intriguing concepts and a touch of gameplay that made them more than worthy of a second look.

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The Sims 2 DS

The Sims 2 DS Hotel

The sims 2 for DS was released in October 2005 and was one of the first portable versions of the franchise. It wasn’t a tradition either Sims in the sense that there was an end goal to the game with quests throughout. The game begins when the player character crashes their car outside of Strangetown and checks into a hotel while their car is being repaired. To their surprise, the hotel manager left the day before, and the player is now the new owner.

Since its release, players have spoken about how unsettling and strange The Sims 2 DSgeneral mood was. This version of Strangetown was a strangely empty place with an alien invasion and other unexplained events like criminal and robot attacks – not to mention the fact that traditional Sims moods have been replaced with sanity levels.

The Sims 2: Castaway

The shipwrecked sims 2

The Sims 2: Castaway released on DS, PlayStation S2, PlayStation Portable and Wii. The premise of the game is largely the same in all versions: the player’s Sim crash lands on Shipwreck Island, and they find a book that describes what they must do to survive. It also keeps track of what other survivors need the player to do.

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Unlike the usual Sims game, the characters do not age, cannot have children and the freedom of movement is limited. Castaway Rather focuses on telling a story, and completing specific tasks such as building a shelter and moving between islands is required to meet new characters and eventually leave the island. Although it received mixed to positive reviews from critics, many cited it as a refreshing twist on The sims 2.

The Sims Medieval

The Sims Medieval

The Sims Medieval is another entry focused on the history of the franchise with defined goals for players to achieve. Released in 2011 on PC, Medieval was set in the distant past and allowed the player to build a kingdom through quests and objectives. The player creates Sims heroes who have professions and roles in the kingdom, such as a monarch, knight, merchant or spy.

The game has received an expansion called Pirates and nobles, which included a new kingdom, new heroes, clothing, and 140 objectives, as well as a treasure hunt mechanic. Medieval were dull, and the game was discontinued after expansion.

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MySims Kingdom

MesSims is a spin-off released for Wii and DS in 2007. In it, the player is tasked with redeveloping a dilapidated city and features heavy design and customization elements. The Sims have also been redesigned to have a more cartoonish Mii-like style. The game received a favorable reception, although it was criticized for repetitive tasks involving collecting and building.

For a moment, MesSims was a parallel series, receiving five suites: MySims Kingdom, MySims Party, MySims Racing, Agents MySims and MySims SkyHeroes. Although it’s been dormant since 2010, it would be cool to see MySims make a return to Switch, where it would fit in alongside games like Miitopia.

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The Sims’ Life Stories

2007 The Sims’ Life Stories was a spin-off that did not completely abandon the established principles of The Sims 2. Aimed at players who wanted to acquire the franchise for the first time or who had less powerful PCs, Life stories let the players choose between Riley Harlow or Vincent Moore. Their stories had 12 chapters, and there was also a free play mode where players could create their own Sims.

Life stories received positive reviews and praised for attracting a wider range of players. He continued to receive sequels in the form of The Sims’ Pet Stories and The Sims Castaway Stories. Both followed similar principles to the original Life stories, although Castaway received more praise because of its more interesting location and longer history.

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