Why Nintendo should remake Wind Walker on the Switch (and why it should be Twilight Princess)


While XBox and Playstation have their boisterous wars, Nintendo has been quietly killing it with the Switch in recent years. One of the company’s best-selling consoles of all time, it also thwarted Nintendo’s tendency to be a machine that only performed better when Nintendo made games for it – both third-party and independent developers have had success. with her. Nintendo’s own franchises are getting their share, of course, with the The Legend of Zelda being one of the tops of the Switch.

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Link’s Awakening i had a remake and recently just like Sword to the sky. This one was a strange choice, like others LoZ games are more popular, like Wind waker and Twilight Princess, each of which should have a chance at Switch glory.

ten Why Wind Waker should be remade: he had the best connection

When it was first announced, Wind wakerThe cel-shaded graphics caused an uproar among fans who wanted a more realistic Link, an evolution of Ocarina of time and Majora’s mask. However, over time, fans fell in love with the game’s whimsical art style and its bright, vibrant colors. However, his greatest triumph was the characters.

The expressive animation really worked for the story, and the game’s Link is easily one of the best in the series. The graphics style of the game made it easy to capture the silent hero’s emotions, letting players enter his head, which could be difficult with him.

9 Why Twilight Princess should get a remake: it has a classic art style that would look great on the Switch

After Wind Waker, Twilight Princess gave some fans exactly what they wanted from a new LoZ Game. It had a very interesting art style compared to a lot of other games in the series and showed exactly why moving to 3D was the right move for the franchise. Seeing it play out on Switch would be a fan’s dream come true.

While the Switch isn’t exactly a graphics powerhouse, the console can do a lot of good things with what it has, and see Twilight Princess to play (and how the developers would use the capabilities of the system for the game) would be great.

8 Why Wind Waker Should Get a Remake: Cel Shading Is Amazing On The Switch

Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker Gamecube

One of the surprises of the players in their debut Breath of the wild was the cel-shaded graphics. This gave the game a certain dreamlike quality and toned down the negativity of the game’s post-apocalyptic storyline. Cel-shading is amazing on the Switch and see Wind wakerthe graphics on the system would be a joy.

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With the increase in graphics and processing power of the Switch, developers would be able to make Wind waker better than ever, taking already stunning graphics to new heights.

7 Why Twilight Princess should get a remake: it can challenge a whole new generation of gamers

Video Games The Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess Spinner Boss Fight

Twilight Princess is one step ahead of Wind waker in an undeniable way – it has some of the toughest boss fights of the modern era LoZ Games. Breath of the wild It was a lot of good stuff, but the enemy challenge only came because of the weapon breakage, with the exception of Thunderblight Ganon, which was more frustrating than difficult.

New fans of the franchise need to experience some of the more difficult aspects of the franchise and a good place to start would be Twilight Princess.

6 Why Wind Waker Should Get a Remake: Developers May Find Cool Ways To Use Motion Controls

The switch has motion controls which Breath of the wild used quite well, although some shrines were more frustrating than others. However, it has opened up many new and interesting uses for movement in games and this can be used to create some of the puzzles and gameplay in Wind Waker.

Wind waker had a lot of great puzzles and a lot of them can be improved or developed using the Switch’s motion controls. Beyond that, the Switch’s control scheme is much better than that of the GameCube, which is a plus.

5 Why Twilight Princess should get a remake: motion controls would also improve the game

Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Glitch

Twilight Princess was on GameCube and was a Wii launch title, so the game used motion controls. However, that was in the early days of motion control; Nintendo was good at it but would do a lot better. The Switch’s motion controls are much more refined than the Wii’s and to see how much better they would perform on the Switch would be great.

The controls on the Switch are some of Nintendo’s best in general and using them on older games, even those that had motion controls would be great. Twilight Princess this is good but it could improve it.

4 Why Wind Waker should have a remake: it’s not getting as much love as it should

While Wind waker has gained a better reputation in recent years, it still does not have the cultural cache than others LoZ the games have. Twilight Princess got a manga; Wind waker was misinterpreted as a children’s game when it was released. However, Wind waker could get a much larger and more receptive audience on the Switch.

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Switch audiences span the gamut of gamers, and this large audience might appreciate the game’s idiosyncrasies more than audiences have for nearly two decades. As much as the image of the game has changed, it could be the movement that changes it for the better.

3 Why Twilight Princess should get a remake: game visuals might take a breath from the wild bend

The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Link and Midna

Twilight Princess’The art style is amazing and there isn’t much that could improve it. However, Breath of the wild proved that a LoZ The game can have both a more realistic art style and combine it with cel-shading, which makes it much better overall. Twilight Princess looks amazing in HD, as the Wii U remake proved, and some cel-shading could take it to the next level.

It’s hard to do Twilight Princess look better but go in the BotW The direction with the in-game graphics gives it a chance to look great, while changing the game enough that old players get something new out of it.

2 Why Wind Waker should get a remake: it’s a masterpiece that needs more exposure

For years, Wind waker did not have the best reputation for LoZ games, but that has changed in recent years as gamers have moved beyond the game’s visuals controversy to embrace its interesting gameplay. Putting it on the Switch could expose it to a whole new audience of gamers, those who would enter without preconceived notions for the game, who would love it even more.

Wind waker is a masterpiece and the more people that can be exposed to it, the better. The Switch has been a great platform for bringing old games to new audiences and Wind waker deserves his turn.

1 Why Twilight Princess Should Have a Remake: No one played the Wii U remake because no one had a Wii U

Twilight Princess got a remake on the Wii U but most people didn’t have the system so the HD remake of Twilight Princess has never been able to perform in front of the largest audience possible. The Switch is one of the best-selling consoles of the past twenty years and it’s the perfect showcase for a Twilight Princess remake.

Twilight Princess is a great game and its remake was wonderful but no one got to play it. Putting a new one on the Switch would be a great way to get more people to play the game and see it in HD.

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